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Interview with Angel Synn of “Diary of an Outlaw”


I first came across Angel Synn online a few years ago when his band Down in Hollywood were producing fantastic rock songs. I quickly became a fan. As well as being a talented singer and musician, he also dabbles in poetry, and making videos. He recently formed a new band, Diary of an Outlaw. I caught up with him to find out about all his latest projects…


Diary of an Outlaw is a great title. What gave you idea for that?


The title originally started out as a FIlm. I was going to name a FIlm I wrote the title and thought “Well, shit… that’s me… and the music. Let’s just use it for the new band concept”! It just worked.


I understand you’re working on a debut album at the moment. How is that going?

Actually, I’ve decided to go another route. I am just releasing songs online and making videos. I am more of an art purist so I will just put out songs and if people like them I continue. Simple as that!


You’ve recently uploaded a lot of your music onto Reverbnation, where people can buy and download. Your songs include a donation to charity with the purchase. What made you choose ‘Every Mother Counts’ as the charity to benefit from donations?

I think the title says it all. No matter economic, religious, or geographical status… every mother counts. Without Mothers there is no us. Pretty profound really and a worthy cause.

I agree, it’s a very worthwhile charity

I remember you posting something about working on a film project, are you still involved in that? If so, can you tell us a bit about it?

Yes. I am making videos right now to ramp up feature films. I am writing right now for production next year. I didn’t think I’d go this route but I will be making a HORROR first. Can’t believe it but i’m doing it! LOL


I would say I’m looking forward to seeing it, but I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to watching horrors!! It’s a very popular film genre, though. Wishing you success with that.

Over the years that I’ve been following you, you’ve posted poetry online as well as music. I enjoyed reading those. Do you have any plans to publish any of your poems or other writing?

Maybe one day. Like I said, I’m a purist… I write stuff and post it. Maybe one day when I get everything launched I can get back to that. Hopefully.


Who are your musical influences?

ALL MUSIC: AC/DC, OZZY, Johnny Cash, Guns, Willie Nelson, NWA, Velvet Revolver, Slipknot, Saliva, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Rob Zombie, Faith No More, LL COOL J, The Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, The Ramones, Henry Rollins, The Doors, just to name a few. LOL


Fabulous choices! If you could tour with any other band who would you choose?

WOW. All of them. They all rock.


Great attitude to have! Do you have any other news that you’d like to share?

Maria ROCKS!


Ha, ha! Thanks! And, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with all your projects!

Band Bio:

Diary of an Outlaw is a 5 piece hailing from the cold streets of Detroit, Michigan. They’ve been transplanted to the sun of California and the boys are fast becoming the voice of disenfranchised youth around the world. “Diary” is more than just a group- it’s a lifestyle. In the day of faceless bands, Diary of an Outlaw is larger than life. Within their unique personalities is an authentic love of their craft, and it shows. The quartet truly walks the walk; creating a sound and stage show that rivals the best in the business. Above all, the music speaks for itself—from the upcoming releases of anthemic track ‘Bloody Rose’ to the harsh reality of ‘Rockstar Life’ the group showcases their uncanny ability to capture real life situations and turn them into musical works of art. Great musicianship and a fresh perspective lyrically make Diary of an Outlaw is a strong contender for Rock N Roll crown. Diary of an Outlaw has been hard at work recording their debut CD, and working on their premier video. The band has also been warming up the national circuit, opening for bands like Saliva (Island Def Jam) 10 Years (and Evan’s Blue (Hollywood Records) Sevendust and playing many festivals and headlining shows. As the fan base grows the buzz builds—and “Diary” is ready to take the industry head on. And that’s just for starters. Recognizing these accomplishments, they have won the support of sponsors like Rockstar Energy Drink.

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